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969 – Fork & Salad Store & Licensing Agreement – $535,000


This is a ground-floor opportunity to become part of the healthy eating trend that’s currently making great inroads. The owner has a very profitable location in the Beltline in Calgary and is looking for entrepreneurial minded people to open their own locations, with a very fair licensing agreement, in key demographic areas.

The founder will supply all the manuals, training, construction expertise and on-going support. A buyer would probably need approximately $100,000 – $150,000 cash and the balance for construction could be handled by a small business loan.

The menu includes vegan, gluten-free products, greens, nuts, fruits and general healthy eating. Weight loss is a bonus side-effect as you enjoy delicious snacks and meals!

The total package to build out a store and get a licensing agreement with Fork & Salad is estimated to be $535,000 for this exciting first-time offered opportunity!

If you are interested in finding out more about this new venture, please call Gord Hyland at 403-703-7827 or email

VISIT for the story of this new concept!


Sales: Gross sales: $1.4M per year

Size in sq. ft. Ideal size for a Fork & Salad store is 1,600 sq. ft.

No. of Seats: 50+/- seats

Financing: Treat as clear title

Style of cuisine: Casual dining

Customer Demographics: Wide range of ages from millennials to baby boomers; business people; lots of regulars; people who are interested in healthful eating.

Type of service: Counter

Hours of operation:

To be determined by new location

Number of employees: As required to operate the business

Leasing information:

Each new Fork & Salad store will have it’s own lease and lease terms and they will vary according to location.

Visit WWW.FORKANDSALAD.COM to read the full story about this exciting new concept!


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