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954 – Well-known Edmonton Sports Bar – NOW $750,000


       This is a well-known, leading sports bar & restaurant chain. Famous for their ambiance, wings and attention to customer service. It’s located in a busy part of town, not far from the West Edmonton Mall. The restaurant had many recent upgrades ($1.8M investment). Opportunities to acquire a space like this are RARE. It is 10 out of 10 – truly a gem!  

Sales: Gross sales: 2017 – $1.8M      2016 – $1.9M

Size in sq. ft. 5,103 sq. ft. plus storage and patio

No. of Seats: 180 plus 60 on patio

Number of parking stalls: Lots of parking in mall lot

Financing: Treat as clear title

Style of cuisine: Casual dining

Customer Demographics: Varied age group; people in shopping area;  business people.

Type of service: Table

Hours of operation:
11 am – midnight; 7 days a week

Number of employees: 52 – mixed full-time and part-time

Leasing information:

Rate per sq. ft. Currently $27 per sq. ft.; Increases to $28 in 2020
C.A.M. $8.76
Lease Term: 10 years commenced September 2013

Option periods: Two 5-year options
Deposit held by Lessor: N/A

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